Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lark Buntings Return?

We had flocks of Lark Buntings and they were one of the most frequent visitors to my feed sources until the weather warmed up. During the summer, they completely disappeared until today. I just saw a male in our yard.

I couldn't find a good picture. The male is mostly black with white wing patches and a large blue-gray bill. The female is brown with a heavily streaked chest. She has a very mottled appearance (as do some of the males).

A Lark Bunting today, a Western Meadowlark yesterday. Something is changing the makeup of my bird population again. Anyway, I am thrilled to have these two birds starting to come back so I can enjoy them.

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Gayle said...

I have childhood memories of watching birds eat from our winter birdfeeder. We recently visited Piedmont State Park in Georgia. The variety of birds there made for an interesting visit. I look forward to following your blog.